Monday, 8 August 2011

Big dog Little dog

"Lets play chase!" said Jake to Winnepeg.


I have been experimenting with using simple line drawings with block colour. I think this approach could work well with picture books for very young children and I have enjoyed exploring this way of working and will continue to find ways of using this method as a form of visual narrative.

This is Skratch....hes a little sweetie pie!


This collection of winter berry illustrations were created as Christmas card designs for Tigerprints 'Gifted' competition. I wanted to create some images that had contemporary edge and brought a fresh look to Christmas.  

I love Okapis!

I met this wonderful animal in the middle of a thunderstorm at London Zoo. As I crept into a deserted stable I saw this stunning Okapi. He had such a gentle nature and I was mesmerised by his beautiful coat. After painting him I realised that watercolour in the middle of a thunderstorm can be a bit of a challenge but I made it home with the paintings intact!