Sunday, 14 November 2010

Cambridge Contempory Arts Christmas show

I will be showing my Cambridge Street life etching series in Cambridge Contempory Art in thier Annaul Christmas show, so if your local do drop in  and have a look!

Or visit thier website

Popcorn sequence- The mice rescue Gerbie for a night of popcorn fun!

Egmont catalogue cover!

Egmont Publishers comissioned me to do the cover of thier bi-annaul catalogue. I am really pleased to have my very first published work! The image above is the final version. I used the Egmont text 'We bring stories to life'  as my inspiration for the little girl in the image who sits reading her book surrounded by her imagination. The pubishing house has also asked me to do the next Catalogue so I am in the inital draft stages for that and look forward to coming up with the next image!


Below is a couple of my little friends from my new picture book concept Popcorn!
The story is about a Gerbil called Gerbie who is rescued from the boredom of his little cage for an exciting night of fun with a group of very mischievous mice! I have had a wonderful time playing around with these little characters and am starting to feel like they are real!

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Popcorn -mice in love characters

Rye Street life series

I have now completed four new etchings for my street life series. The new images are based on the life of the people in Rye East Sussex and are now being exhibited in the Roache Gallery in Rye.

Saturday, 4 September 2010

Town Crier

On the way to Fitzbillies

Robe makers


View from St Marys

Kings College entrance

Kings to Fitzwilliam

This is an etchings project I have done over the summer. Its based on drawings of Cambridge. I am also   currently doing a sister project for it about Rye in East Sussex.

Kings to Fitzwilliam





Sunday, 8 August 2010

Gerbie in the letter G

Gerbie likes a bite!

Hello all,
This is my first ever haphazard blog! I welcome Gerbie into the world. Origionally for the ABC book but he has since become a friend so I think the world may see more of him!! Hope you enjoy having a look though the pics once I have uploaded more images.

G is for one very greedy Gerbie!