Monday, 21 November 2011

New work ! Come and Visit the show!

I will be exhibiting my work alongside my fellow Masters graduates.......

An exhibiton of childrens' book illustration by six new designers: Benjamin Parker; Bethan Roose Hopkins; Emma Symons; Jen Desmond; Rachel Elizabeth Lovatt and Susanna Moores.

24th November to 10th December 2011 at Merriecroft, The Common, Sissinghurst
 East Sussex

Do come along if you can make it ! 

Monday, 8 August 2011

Big dog Little dog

"Lets play chase!" said Jake to Winnepeg.


I have been experimenting with using simple line drawings with block colour. I think this approach could work well with picture books for very young children and I have enjoyed exploring this way of working and will continue to find ways of using this method as a form of visual narrative.

This is Skratch....hes a little sweetie pie!


This collection of winter berry illustrations were created as Christmas card designs for Tigerprints 'Gifted' competition. I wanted to create some images that had contemporary edge and brought a fresh look to Christmas.  

I love Okapis!

I met this wonderful animal in the middle of a thunderstorm at London Zoo. As I crept into a deserted stable I saw this stunning Okapi. He had such a gentle nature and I was mesmerised by his beautiful coat. After painting him I realised that watercolour in the middle of a thunderstorm can be a bit of a challenge but I made it home with the paintings intact! 

Friday, 27 May 2011

Tikker and To are the best of friends. They love nothing better than a good gossip together!

Peep & peeper!

Glider just loves to soar the skies

Lady is all about elegance and sophistication

Gumpy scrumpy's well just a bit er...grumpy. He isnt so keen on other birds.

Lim is a very kind and peacful bird, who is happy in his own company

Yello's favourite food is bannanas :)

Bomber loves to dive and swoop !

Zing has lots of energy, he loves nothing better that zooming around the sky


Ka is a little prone to meladrama she likes a good flap and a good squark if something doesnt go her way!

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Introducing Little Herbert

Little Herbert is just a little bit glum. 
 Will he ever find another bird all of his very own to share his perch with ? 

Monday, 4 April 2011

Latest Egmont catalogue cover hot off the press!

Egmonts latest biannual catalogue cover features my illustration shown here below on the Right 
I was so excited to see it was on show at the book fair and several publishers I met with had already seen the cover. The illustration features a bunny family who have invited a squirrel, hedgehog and two voles along for their family read in the hazy long summer grass. On the back the characters are snuggled up in thier burrow surrounded by winter snow. This is the second cover I have illustrated for Egmonts catalogue series.