Thursday, 24 March 2011

The Melville state bed

I completly fell in love with this bed when I saw it. The whole structure is covered with rich blood red velvet and was displayed at the V&A in very subdued lighting which added to the drama. Origionally created for Melville house in Fyfe c1700 it was comissined by George Melville. This is a very rare state bed which was largly unused and was made in such an opulent way to attract visiting royalty to stay with the Melville family.

Heart mirror sketch

This toilet mirror was actually created c1665 but I thought it would be a lovely idea to include a mirror at the end of the tale with the prince and Cinderella in he border as king Charles I and Catherine Braganza are in this sketch. The mirror also features crests and the English rose motifs. The final image could perhaps have a reflective surface so the child could see themselves in the mirror and picure themselves as a prince or princess. 

An early version of how cinderella might look at the ball-dress sketched at V&A

Gold leaf table

I am in love with the ornate carving that went into the construction of this table

My new 18th century Cinderella sketches

18th Century Silk shoe